Everest Venture Capital

Everest Venture Capital has always been committed to its vision of investing in 100 world-class high-tech firms. Founded by Mr. XIAO Jiancong and his team in September 2007, the company now has a 140-strong workforce. Due to the founding team’s persistent efforts, it has over RMB 7 billion in assets under management. In 2019, Everest was awarded the “Top 10 Institutional Investors in Advanced Manufacturing of the Year”, and in 2018, it was awarded the “Top 10 Most Active Private Equity Investment Institutions of the Year”, and the “Top 50 Best Venture Capital Institutions in China of the Year”.

Operation & Management Philosophy

3 Highs + 1 Low Principles
  |  Five Major Systems

High customer satisfaction
  |  High employee satisfaction
  |  High shareholder satisfaction
  |  Low overall corporate cost

Core team

Assuming responsibilities, quest for business distinction, and ethics over profits

XIAO Jiancong


One of the first domestic venture capital professionals in China’s mainland. Holds a Bachelor’s in Management Sciences from the Renmin University of China. Has focused on equity investment for over a decade. In this process, he has inspected and examined over 10,000 businesses, and led the Everest team in identifying and investing in a number of technology startups. These companies have later proved their capabilities in respective fields, and some already went public.

WANG Yuping


Holds a PhD in Finance from the Renmin University of China, and advocates the concepts of entrepreneurship, creation and innovation. Mainly focuses on big medical care, education and high-tech. “I hope to make unicorns through my investment and dance with the times.”

LIANG Xianhong


An MBA from the Beijing Institute of Technology. Engages in day-to-day management, investing and post-investing empowerment and services at Everest. Excels at pinpointing enterprises’ value and providing enabling services. Led Everest’s investments in Glory Star Media, CanXing Culture and Media, Yeahmobi, cData, Arashi Vision, Innoscience, etc., and has been responsible for providing enabling services to portfolio companies.

LI Yunxi


Worked at Sihai Kaiyue and Keman Group before joining Everest in 2007. Successively served at Everest’s Projects Department, Finance Department and Financial Planning Department, and now serves as Vice President of Everest. Holds a Bachelor’s from the Accounting Department of Yantai University.

100 Top-class Enterprises

To nurture 100 world-class high-tech companies through investment